Author Guidelines

Guidelines for Authors
Authors should submit the manuscript that have been carefully proof read and polished. Authors are required to refer the JAER manuscript template. This will ensure fast processing and publication. Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent to all authors through e-mail.

  • Manuscript must be original and should not have been published previously anywhere.
  • Authors should follow the JAER Manuscript format.
  • Manuscript must be written in English using MS-Word (doc or docx format only).
  • Only “Times New Roman” font should be used.
  • Manuscript should contain maximum of 20 pages.
  • Authors are required to sign the JAER copyright transfer form, once the manuscript is accepted.
  • Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 2-3 days. In case the author do not receive any acknowledgment for a submitted paper, an email can be sent to [email protected]

Manuscript Template:

Download the JAER Manuscript Template

Copyright Transfer Form:

Download the Copyright Transfer Form

Publication Ethics:

The editorial team of JAER is seriously concerned about the increase of plagiarism and other forms of misconduct in publishing. As editors, we consider it an essential part of our ethical responsibilities to be aware of and to meet these challenges and to develop strategies for coping with them. We expect the same awareness of our journal’s peer reviewers.

Plagiarism and Research Misconduct:

Kindly note that all submitted manuscripts will be screened for originality and plagiarism check. It should also be noted that authors are sole responsible for any scientific misconduct including plagiarism in their manuscript. Therefore, publisher is not responsible for any scientific misconduct happened in any published research manuscript. As a publisher we will follow stringent scientific guidelines and even retract any article at any time if scientific misconduct or errors happened in any articles.

Review Process

Peer review exists to ensure that journals publish good science which is of benefit to entire scientific community. Sometimes authors find the peer-review process intimidating because it can lead to the rejection of their manuscript. Keep in mind that revisions and improvement are part of the publication process and actually help raise the quality of your manuscript.

Peer review is an integral part of scientific publishing that confirms the validity of the science reported. Peer reviewers are experts who volunteer their time to help improve the journal manuscripts they review—they offer authors free advice.

All articles submitted to JAER are subject to peer review (Closed Review). The criteria used for reviewing articles are:

  • Originality,
  • Contemporary relevance,
  • Clarity and logic in analysis,
  • Methodology (for research articles),
  • Implications for intervention,
  • Appropriateness of references, and
  • Language, its use and flow

Paper Acceptance:

The final decision on publication of the manuscript after peer review process is made by the Editor-in-Chief upon recommendation of Editorial Board Members and Reviewers. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in JAER, it must not be published/presented in any other journal/conference without getting permission from the publisher. 


Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author via email and should be returned with three days of receipt. Authors are advised to check their proofs very carefully before return, since the inclusion of late corrections cannot be acceptable.

Publication Charges:

There is no publication or submission fee to authors for publishing their articles in JAER. But for publishing the special issues of conferences, there will be nominal processing fee which can be paid by the organizers.


Each manuscript must be accompanied by a statement that it has been neither published nor submitted for publication, in whole or in part, either in a serial, professional journal or as a part in a book which is formally published and made available to the public. For the mutual benefit and protection of authors and publishers, authors would be required to sign a Copy Right Transfer Form once the manuscript is accepted which would be sent to the corresponding author’s email. The corresponding author can download the form and after getting authors and co-authors signature it can be send as an attachment file after scanning to [email protected]. You can also download the Copyright transfer from our website.

Open Access Policy:

JAER provides open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public which can support a greater global exchange of knowledge.